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Few realize the wide assortment of collectables that exist with Jewish Themes. For instance, there are Ancient Jewish Coins.



The coin on the left, minted around 350 BCE,  is thought by some to depict the ancient walls of Jerusalem in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.  (444 BCE).  The middle image is from a “sela” from the Bar Kochba Jewish War (132-135 CE) and depicts the Holy of Holies in the Second Temple.  The image on the right is a lulav.

The coin below features a portrait of King Agrippa I from around 40 CE. The reverse depicts his son, the future King Agrippa II on horseback.


While many of the collectables discussed on this site are ancient coins, you will also find links to other items of Judaica.   Here are some examples of Judaica sold at auctions over the last year.    As you can see, they range of items dating back to as recently as the 1970s to medals from the Middle Ages.


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Some of these items sell for as little as 50 dollars.

If you have any interest in tracking Jewish collectables and seeing links of what I consider to be the most interesting items for sale,  this Blog is for you. 

But even if you are not interested in acquiring any of these objects and just want to learn more about Jewish history and culture, this blog should appeal to you.   

Are you a Jew struggling with how to integrate your Jewish identify with being a citizen of the 21st century?  I try and use these collectables to provide a unique perspective about Jewish identity that is not limited by a belief in God.